You are part of the Orision’s Mob, Beta Platoon, Beta Company, 1st Regiment Cardinal’s Guards “The Cardinals Own” for two years now. During that time you have been patroling the Northern border of Furyondy against raids from the Horned Society against the Cardinal’s lands . After distinguishing yourselves by killing the young Minotaur Bandit Chief “Durham” of the Cracked Hoof clan during what can only be described in civilized circles as a “cattle raid” at the Cardinal’s stockyards at Eyeberen. You have been selected to retrieve a minor relic of St. Cuthburt that was recently discovered in Southern Keoland. It is to go into a Fortress Monestary (Chateau Galliard) that is being built on Grey Stone Point “Go to Salt Marsh and retrieve this relic for the glory of Heironeous.” Thus instructed, you board the cog Saucy Minx bound for the town of Salt Marsh.

The Short, The Bad, and the Furry

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